Day of the Ox fair on Doyo
Grated chicken cutlet fair of yuzu pepper
North Sea fair
Travel present campaign of special plan summer of the 50th anniversary of the founding
We began LINE@!
Kokyu-an cheese dak galbi
Kokyu-an Miyazaki beef fair
Recommended low dining table of Family-an Haikara-tei summer
Sushi Madoka summer menu
Under banquet reservation acceptance
Student pack
Sushi Madoka original wine
Kokyu-an original wine
Family-an Haikara-tei yakiniku ground
Yakiniku, shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat
Use of Saigo don miso Satsuma-jiru
Day of Family-an Haikara-tei meat
Day of Sushi Madoka meat
We began Kokyu-an drink station
Profit buffet
A lot of bettei banquet
Yl gelato all-you-can-eat
Information for bettei lunch set
Part-time job parttimer new offer
Black pork wazzeeka bowl
Sushi school
Tea ceremony experience classroom
Satsuma Family-an
Seriola purpurascens Kagoshima tea
Meal ticket
Kousei Industries

The Family-an Haikara-tei Sushi Madoka Familiare kitchen Bettei Kokyu-an Pork cutlet Katuya
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