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Katsuya Of deep-fried ninth black pepper and chicken cutlet fair for 2,020 years is correct; height bowl fair holding!


Katsuya 2020 summer limitation! Chilled Bukkake-udon appearance of white meat cutlet!


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It is common throughout all stores


About change, closure of business hours of store (8/1 update)


[August] We updated calendar on Store holiday


About our correspondence accompanied with new coronavirus generating

Introduction of menu

Pursuit "of" taste pleased with in the wide generation, realization "pork cutlet specialty store of" price to pour casually "beat". Please have a taste of the pork cutlet which is soft, crispy and juicy by all means.

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List of stores

It is list of stores in Kagoshima, Kumamoto.

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About adoption

We inform about adoption of Katuya.

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