Fair during recommended menu, holding

The latest information


Under one dish of 150 yen lunch holding lunchtime-limited on weekdays [4 stores-limited]


Guidance [SushiMadoka Furesupo-Junglepark Store] of business hours


Under SushiMadoka winter menu favorable reception sale!


[notice] We begin to sell from menu March 3 in SushiMadoka spring!

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It is common throughout all stores


[March] We updated calendar on Store holiday


[February] We updated calendar on Store holiday


To graduand such as March, 2020 High School and the vocational counseling directors

Introduction of menu

You donate the material that it is fresh and is in season of market direct shipment at reasonable price, and please spend mine having seasonal foods, fun time. The take-out menus are also plentiful!!

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List of stores

It is list of stores in Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Kumamoto, Oita.

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About adoption

We inform about adoption of SushiMadoka.

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